An Intro

I’ve tried to start blogging countless times now. Usually I write a paragraph or two, save the draft and then forget about it. I’m hoping a recent change in my attitude towards work (for the better) will change this.

I’m an Anarcho-Capitalist living in Leicester, in the United Kingdom. My progression towards this stance has been relatively recent – in 2007, I was a progressive and a strong believer in aggressive socialist principles. Fast forward to today and you could argue that I am the complete opposite. I’m choosing to blog because I believe my particular outlook and situation possibly offer a more distinct insight into Anarcho-capitalism. I rarely feel the need to fall back to the first principles to argue my point, and quite often I find myself able to reach a “compromise” with statists, both conservative and progressive, that I deem to be acceptable within my viewpoints. I still hold a lot of the same stances I had in 2007, but I now argue for them from a completely different starting point with a completely different set of morals, and provide a completely different path towards their achievement (yes, a solution, not just touting my belief).

I’m not going to promise regular or timely updates. I may or may not discuss current affairs on this blog (I find that much easier to do on social media). If there’s something you would like me to write a post about, please contact me at and I’ll make sure it happens.



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